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7 mai 2012 1 07 /05 /mai /2012 20:10


Like so many men here, the idea of ​​my wife with another man who makes me wild! A few months ago I have, I conclude that uporn you never get to see what happens. For my birthday from a friend who had a French theme night at home. French clothing and bring a lot of wine! All the kids were basically painted berets and mustaches. The girls looked good, but going into a lot of uporn French chic ! My wife Sarah is 33 and a primary school teacher. She is not one of those women out there, here, to go in short skirts without panties and bra, but shes thin brunette, attractive, with pale skin and long straight hair. That night, she looked very sexy. White blouse, black pencil skirt and heels. Batches. Kneckerchief makeup and cute. He had made his way around the keys, so you could only see the tip of her black bra. She also had a pair of lace- ups at the top have forbidden me all night. In any case, after drinking too much fun and people uporn have taxis and only me, Sarah and my matphil s remained. Phil wanted to stay in the room, I was angry down and prepared for bed. When I went downstairs, Sarah looked a little worse for wear, and announced he was going to bed. The left, Phil and me. We talked about the night when the girls looked in shape, etc. , and then, after our drink, in our way up the stairs. Since we conducted our room, I realized our lamp, and we both looked at her to see sleeping on the bed still dressed. ' Look, look, she's beautiful,' he said. ' Yes, I've uporn been looking all night, are the means it is on. ' I mean I do, and we were on the side of Sarah. I drew the lace skirt to show off their supplies slightly after phil. Especially in this case your phone number will receive a text not to wake Sarah, who was quickly across the room to respond. Meanwhile, Sara opened her eyes and smiled to uporn myself. 'Did he like them,' he said. I was very excited that I left a guardStock up on him: ' Let's see, if you want, I'll do what I'm asleep,' as they returned, said Phil and Sarah closed her eyes again. 'While uporn we are where he laughed. ' I still tensed up her skirt again reveals the flesh above the tops of media. The mood began to change, it was pretty sexually charged. Phil I was surprised and felt his leg. I wondered how she felt Sarah, and was excited to learn that she was getting that to happen. Phil looked at me and then moved to my hands sarahs shirt. I started slowly unzipping. Stop just below her bra and then pulls the material apart to reveal her black bra semi -transparent. I looked back and was surprised to Phil, but annoying to discover that he had taken the Cick and gradually drew masturbates while my wife to him. Sarah did a good job of playing, sleeping, but I could feel her breathing changes, and more, which in turn makes me sick with excitement was filmed. I slid her bra belt and slowly reveals her nipples pink salmon phil. Shake gently uporn bent to touch her ​​breasts slowly. Then spread sarahs skirt until I could, the atmosphere was always tense and very sexual, Sarah wore black lace panties French, bowed before them, beyond their shaved skin of the small tuft of hair on her clitoris. I could uporn feel how wet I was, she loved it. It took Phil 's hand and led her through her ​​pubic hair. ' Want to see the pussy,' nodded Phil and I pulled her panties down past the knees. His legs were a little, uporn so that we ourselves at the head of the bed of a new viewing position time. And what a spectacle, stockings, heels, pulled out her tits and now the sight of her neatly trimmed pussy fully exposed and obviously aroused. I reached out to his Bumcheeks easiest part, and let you see the ass hair framed by a pair of soft dark hair. This Phil stiffened and began to pump cum all over our bed cover, some even landingsarahs on shoes. Embarrassesd left tail and left the room. Sarah opened her eyes and smiled. We may never fucked. And in the morning nothing was said. Perfect !
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7 mai 2012 1 07 /05 /mai /2012 20:10

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